CEO & Founder: Melissa's Tao Vitality LLC

Melissa lives in Manhattan and loves her work as a Dietitian-Nutritionist, helping individuals reach their fitness goals and achieve their personal best.

Melissa is an avid runner and definitely practices the healthy eating habits and lifestyle that she preaches. She has experienced personally and has seen in clients that the anti-inflammatory approach to eating and living is the most effective approach for energizing, slimming, promoting health, and anti-aging.

Inflammation is at the root of, not only disease, but also the inability to lose unwanted fat. So foods that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants are the most healthful and beneficial foods that will help you lose fat. Yup, you heard it right. You have to eat the right fat to burn the bad fat.

Each one of Melissa's clients gets her anti-inflammatory eating plan to achieve their health and fitness goals. It is very simple and based on the premise that you eat three macronutrient at every meal and snack to repair your cells, quench free radicals, reduce inflammation all while stabilizing blood sugar levels. Those 3 nutritious macronutrients are amino acids, healthy fat, and a complex carbohydrate in the form of a fruit or vegetable. While it sounds simple in theory it is often difficult to implement and put into practice. So preparation is key to success and having the right snack with you.

Because of her busy schedule Melissa needed something quick to pop in her mouth while staying loyal to her anti-inflammatory approach. So she experimented in her kitchen with nutritious, organic, functional, super food, top-quality ingredients and developed The FunOokie. It is in keeping with her anti-inflammatory approach with the 3 essentials for every meal or snack.

With the FunOokie, Melissa is able to offer a delicious, healthful, nutritious, anti-inflammatory snack or meal-replacementthat she knows is made with the best ingredients possible without preservatives or genetically modified organisms (GMO's) for her clients to enjoy and continue on their path tooptimal health. Best of all they are easy to pack on the run so you can stay on a healthy eating regimen when you just aren't sure what your food options will be if any.

Melissa's Tao Vitality LLC was created so that Melissa could offer her antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory,low glycemic, gluten-freeFunOokies to all of you. She looks forward to expanding distribution to a store near you so you too can benefit from FunOokies!

Let Food Be Thy Medicine- Hippocrates