The FunOokie Flavors and Nutrition Facts:

FunOokies are made with nutritious, functional, superfood ingredients that combine to create a subtle sweet, nutty, rich flavor filled with great taste and excitement. They will supplement your life with the enrichment of antioxidants far beyond some of the most healthful fruits.

The Pump, Little Gem, and Sweet are for the sophisticated palate that's able to recognize and appreciate the subtleties of flavor and the taste of natural sweetness. The Baham is perfect for children and those with a "sweet-tooth" due to the combination of ingredients, intense flavor and higher levels of natural sweetness.

FunOokie selection:

PUMP : It is the least sweet of the bunch. The Pump is recommended for those who do not like sweet yet want all the benefits the FunOokie has to offer. 1 Pump has 57 calories, 3g protein, 1.4g sugar, 2.6g healthy omega-3 fat, 5.8g carbohydrates, and 1.6 g dietary fiber

The Little Gem : It is the most popular of the bunch recommended for those who like a subtle sweetness with the same low level of sugar as the Pump.1 Little Gem has 57 calories, 3g protein, 1.4g sugar, and 2.6g healthy omega-3 fat, 6g carbohydrates, and 1.75g dietary fiber.

The Sweet : It is a slight bit sweeter than the Gem, yet not as sweet as The Baham. 1 Sweet has 60 calories, 3g protein, 1.9g sugar, 2.6g healthy omega-3 fat, 6.7 carbohydrates, and 1.6g dietary fiber.

The Baham : It is named after 2 of my nephews who wanted a FunOokie with a little more sweetness. So I altered the recipe a bit, added a fruit to the recipe and dark chocolate chips and then my nephews couldn't get enough of them. Adult clients, family and friends who like their cookies sweeter loved them too. I was told that I "hit a home run with the Bahams!". 1Baham has 59 calories, 2.8g protein, 2.9g sugar, 2.5g healthy Omega-3 fat, 7.9g carbohydrates, and 1.9g dietary fiber.